Shipping Information

Where do you ship from? Where can you ship to?

I ship from the Bay Area, California and I ship domestically and internationally using USPS! International orders will take longer to arrive and will unfortunately cost more than domestic prices. If you are unsure of the shipping prices to your country, feel free to contact me.

Is there any way to have cheaper international shipping?

Depending on your order, yes! All international orders come with a tracking number, but I'm able to ship your package for cheaper if you do not want a tracking number. However, if your package is too large, then I may not be able to offer this option.

Please note that without a tracking number, you won't be able to track your package. In addition, if the package gets lost, it will be harder to recover. I won't be able to resend or refund your package in this case. If you're alright with that, then I can send your package cheaper without a tracking option!

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders may take 1-3 weeks to be prepared and shipped. I have a day job and handle almost everything myself, so I appreciate everyone's patience! I usually ship orders over the weekend.
Once shipped, domestic orders take anywhere from 3-7 business days, and international shipping delivery times may vary between 1-3 months.
All major shipping news, including any delays or notices, is on my blog. Please note that holiday seasons and holidays (Christmas/New Years/etc) may result in longer shipping times due to the post office being overloaded or not being operational on those days.

I never got my package / My package is stuck or lost. What can I do?

First, if your tracking number says the package was delivered but you haven't received it, the package may still be on its way. Please wait at least one week before contacting me via the contact page! Sometimes packages get scanned as delivered before they are actually delivered. Make sure to double check your address and check your tracking information as well!

Items Information

Do you restock items?

It depends! Most items will restock unless they are in the "soon-to-be retired" collection. I assemble everything myself, so it depends on when I can reorder/make more or when I have time to update my online store stock. Follow my blog's shop update tag for when I put in new items or do a big restock!


What are preorder items? How long will it take to receive my preorder item?

Preorder items are items that I do not have in stock yet, but you are able to reserve one ahead of time for when restock them. Many items I have are in limited quantity- preorders help assure you'll get the item, without worrying if I sell out or not.
Preorder periods and when the items will shipped out vary depending on the item, so please read the description carefully for details!
If you make an order with in-stock items and preorder items, I will ship the whole package once I get the preorder items.

Order Information

I made an order but I want to add something else to it! What do I do?

No worries! Please send me a message with your order number and what you'd like to add and I'll see what I can do!

What if my order is incorrect or damaged?

Contact me as soon as possible with an image and description of the damage/issue via the contact page and I'd be happy to help!

What is this store's refund, return, and exchange policy?

I only offer refunds, returns, or exchanges if you've received an incorrect or damaged order. Please contact me right away if you have any issues once you've received your order and we can work something out!