Melos & Clover Garden Stand

Melos & Clover Garden Stand

Regular price $35.00

A demon lord and a maid in a garden.

A wooden stand featuring my two characters, Melos and Clover! The stand comes with flower and charm accessories and measures around 2.9” x 3.9”.

The stand will come unassembled and has some DIY components, but is easy to put together! This set comes with:

  • 3 wooden pieces
  • 2 leaf charms and 1 pink or red heart charm (already attached to stand)
  • 3 paper flowers (random mix of white/pink flowers)
  • 4 glitter flower stickers
  • 1 short instruction sheet

Note: Quantity is limited, so once this sells out, I won’t be stocking this version again!

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