Ocean Guys Charm Gacha

Ocean Guys Charm Gacha

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There's so many creatures in the sea... Maybe you can try your luck and catch one! Each order of the Ocean Guys Gacha includes 1 random mystery charm from the ones shown! Which friend will you fish up?

10 Designs Total:

Pink Keychain:
Strawberry Crab, Pea Crab, Octoyaki, Squidimari, Sea Urchin

Blue Keychain:
Captain Crab, Ghost Crab, Sea Bunny, Boat Fish, Seagull & Croc (rare!)

⚠️ Note that these are random gacha charms, so there's no guarantee you'll get a specific design! However, if you order multiple. I'll make sure each one is different as long as they're in stock!

Clear Acrylic Charm Details

  • 1.5" (~3.8 cm)
  • Double-sided
  • Comes with either a blue or pink keychain clasp

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